TeamViewer 13.2.14327

This free application lets users share their desktops, transfer files and record their sessions

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    Windows Vista / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

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TeamViewer 13.2.14327
TeamViewer 9.0.29947

TeamViewer simplifies desktop sharing, also known as remote desktop access, thanks to its user-friendly interface, built-in features and stable design.

It’s hard to imagine our lives without computers. Few inventions have melded into the lives of everyday Americans to the extent as personal computing machines. While it may be difficult to think of a time before desktops, laptops and smartphones, it wasn’t that long ago that the only computer you worked with was at the library.

If you’re a small business owner, or the designated IT help desk for your family, then you know the frustration of trying to help a novice computer user solve issues. Have you ever wished there was a desktop sharing tool that didn’t require a degree in programming to use? If so, then TeamViewer may be your ideal solution.

Developed for both personal and professional use, TeamViewer makes desktop sharing a simple and swift solution for even the most technically challenged. Since it first flooded the marketplace, TeamViewer has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times. So what makes this desktop sharing tool so popular among businesses and consumers? Let’s take a look.

Desktop Sharing Without Limitations

Traditionally, remotely accessing computers required VPN, or Virtual Private Network, connectivity. While effective, VPN connections are difficult and costly. Instead of simplifying VPN access, TeamViewer completely changed the game. Instead of connecting computers via a complex network, remote access is granted by the program client.

As a VPN alternative, the possibilities of remote access is available to startup businesses and consumers. Through its advanced program architecture, sharing files, fixing computer issues and completing tasks is not only fast, but also secure. Unlike similar tools, TeamViewer delivers professional grade capabilities, such as cross-platform access and instant connectivity, without complicated technical jargon.

Simple Desktop Sharing Solution With Powerful Capabilities

While the PRO versions of TeamViewer offer extended features, this version of TeamViewer is perfect for small businesses, freelancers and personal use. If you’re familiar with remote desktop access tools, then you’ll find TeamViewer a breeze. Thankfully, even if you’ve never used a desktop sharing tool before, its user-friendly interface eliminates complicated learning curves.

To use, both computers must install TeamViewer and launch the program. Once both computers are running TeamViewer, a unique access code and password populates. Unlike other solutions, TeamViewer allows two-way desktop communication. Basically, this means you can remotely access another computer or that computer can access your desktop.

Along with supporting secure and swift remote desktop access, TeamViewer comes with several built-in features designed to support a wide range of tasks. Some of the most popular internal capabilities include:

  • File Transfer Tools - Share/transfer large files between computers in a snap.
  • Embedded Messaging Client - Send text messages between computers in realtime.
  • Session Recording - Easily record your access session by clicking a button.

If you’re searching for a stable, simple and powerful desktop sharing tool, then TeamViewer may be the solution for you.


  • No experience needed
  • Expanded built-in features support a variety of tasks
  • Securely connects desktops without needing a VPN connection


  • Limitations may not satisfy all business needs

TeamViewer is a free tool that allows you to take complete control of another PC anywhere in the world from your computer or tablet. It uses two-way connection between two devices through a virtual private network. You can also remote control your own computer from another location on the road, as long as both machines are on and running TeamViewer. Thanks to TeamViewer, you never have to worry about forgetting an important file or document on your home computer. In just a matter of seconds, you can grab that missing file from your home computer. If you're the tech-savvy one in your family, TeamViewer is a great tool to put on a relative's computer, enabling you to provide them with some tech support even if you live across the country. TeamViewer also allows you to hold virtual meetings with multiple participants. This is perfect for a small business meeting for which all the parties are in different locations. All that's needed is for each participant to have TeamViewer installed on their computer or tablet.

TeamViewer works on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. Setup and connection is fast and easy. Once TeamViewer is installed on both computers, TeamViewer provides a user name and password for each machine. Simply enter each machine's number and password into the other to start a connection. You can also set a personal password that you can easily remember for each computer. The host PC's screen will show a display indicating that the computer is being remotely accessed in the lower right corner. Instant mouse and keyboard access is given without the need for approval. When using TeamViewer, you can run processes, change settings, remove programs, clean the computer and open files, programs, folders and documents.

When you start up TeamViewer, you'll be provided with two options. You can choose a full remote control setting that allows you to perform all of the aforementioned tasks. Alternatively, you can choose the option for file transfer. This option makes it easier for you to grab files in situations where you don't need full control of the other device.

TeamViewer is by far the easiest tool to use for remote control access. It makes file transfer and desktop sharing quick and convenient, without charging a dime. Simply run TeamViewer on both machines, insert your partner's automatic ID, and the connection starts immediately.


-Fast Setup


-Remote Printing

-Remote Sound

-Meeting Capabilities


-File transfer-only option



-Performance can be slow if one of the devices has a poor connection

-Slight time delay on some machines

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